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Watch the seminar "The Psychology of Fraud" - Is it Nature or Nurture?

On Wednesday 28th April 2021, we hosted a seminar "The Psychology of Fraud” – Is Nature or Nature responsible for Fraud and White-Collar Crimes? It was fantastic to see that 55 dedicated executives joined our seminar with lots of learning, interesting Q&A and fun with us, Wise Wings & Grant Thornton.

Our Founder, Ruddy Swinnen, explained how Nature and Nurture is involved in Fraud and White-Collar Crimes. What is the Fraud triangle: the Pressure, the Opportunities and the Rationalization that Fraudsters come across. Which are the Top 4 Personality Traits that make people commit Fraud. Ruddy also zoomed in on how to avoid hiring these people, and how to detect them when they are already in your company.

Finally, Ruddy advised about how to unmask and handle these individuals within your organisation.

In case you missed it, you can watch the full presentation on whether Nature or Nurture is the main reason for fraud or are there other aspects to consider. And how to predict and avoid potential Fraudster, by using Assessment for Selection and Development Programs!

Any questions or want more information on selection & assessment and prevention & prediction of Fraudsters, please feel free to reach out:

We look forward to seeing you at our future events. Stay tuned!

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