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In the ever changing and challenging market environment, an Organisational Transition to optimise the overall business performance may be necessary to cope with fierce competition and to position as an unique company.

Wise Wings Organisational Development solutions focus on the development of the whole company performance, from the human capital to the business transformation:

  • Company Strategy

  • Change Management

  • Sales Performance Optimisation

Case study below.

Organisational Change is Fundamental


Case: Organisational & Management Transition


Crisis situation:

A European SME in high quality coatings (company size 300 staff in China), the business performance went down the last 2 years, and needed to redefine business processes, leadership & management performance and Organisational Culture.

Organisational Development Assignment:

Wise Wings was assigned for Strategy re-design, Organisational Culture, Management Team Assessment & Development project by the Local MD and HQ CEO. Implementing an action driven development program to optimise the managers’ and teams’ performance to re-accelerate the business growth.


A Team of 6 professionals analysed, assessed, trained and coached the MD, 15 Department leaders and the 5 teams to reset the working processes, individual motivation, team and managers’ performance.


The whole project took 9 months, and reached the target effectively.



Redefined business processes and increased managers and  team performance and client satisfaction. Business growth 70% within 1st year, 150% in 2nd year. Became globally the best performing factory of the Company group.

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