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Cultural Diversity crossing borders successfully
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In today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace, we offer solutions to manage cultural diversity, enable flexibility and openness to change in local, international and mixed culture workplaces.


Our support to help your management and leaders creating insight, adapting and developing cross-cultural intelligence is based on the combination of scientific cultural models and years of practical global business experience.


  • Individual Cross-cultural Profiling

  • Cross-cultural and Diversity Management Programs

  • Cross-cultural Team Development Programs 

  • Cross-border Business Performance improvement projects


Case study below.


Cultural Diversity Creates Excellence


Case: Foreign Business Team Entering China Successfully

Business Team relocation to China

A European SMC in Automotive moves a Business team to China to approach the Chinese market directly.


Business and Cross Cultural Integration Assignment

A Team of 2 business and intercultural consultants (1 China, 1 Europe based) assessed, trained and advised a group of 4 professional of the client (GM, 2 Engineers, 1 Designer) to understand the business and cultural differences, to integrate in unknown environment and to expand the local business operations in mainland China.


A Team of 2 professionals assessed, trained and advised a group of 4 (GM, 2 Engineers, 1 Designer) and family to understand the business and cultural differences to move and to expand local business operations in mainland China.



The whole project took 2 months, and reached the target effectively;



This specialist team moved to China with their family with no experience of China.  They adapted successfully, with some ups and downs in the first 3 months, but due to their local presence the team won an huge automotive assembling line project to build for a big Chinese car manufacture company in the North of China.

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