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Assessment Center for Hiring, Promotion and Development Decisions

Free Webinar, Aug 25, 2020:
16:00 - 16:45 (CST)

Assessment Center for Hiring, Promotion and Development Decisions
Best tools for effective people decisions

Tuesday Aug 25th, 2020

04:00pm - 04:45pm (China Standard Time)
10:00am - 10:45am (Central European Time) 


Free Webinar via Zoom

Who would have thought at the start of 2020 that Covid-19 will hit us so hard, jeopardizing our existence and bringing us on a fast track to rethink how we operate our businesses. And there is an urgency for stabilization of the business and the growth of your people:

  • How to select the best candidate for the urgent vacancy?

  • Do our talents have the competencies needed for business expansion?

  • Which team member fits the challenging management position?

  • How to develop our people to impact the company growth?

That is how the undeniable necessity for assessment comes in, not only to predict for selection, but for the improvement of performance at current job, and to develop the competencies for potential promotion and retention. Finally, how we can help develop them personally and professionally for our business to thrive.

The webinar will give insight and answers to all the questions mentioned.

How Companies Can Avoid Making the Wrong People Decisions?

What is an Assessment Center?

Why Organisations Use Assessment Centers?

We are Assessment Experts

At Wise Wings, we conduct a series of tailor-made assessment centers and development programs, to support specific talents, management & leadership development, HR re-organisation in changing economic environments and workforce integration projects for mergers & acquisitions. 

For 15 years, we have delivered thousands of Assessment Centers for all types of industries and businesses, and on every scale from a single person to a whole factory of 2000 people. We are experts in designing and delivering Assessment Centers, for you, to make effective people decisions. 


Join our Free Zoom Webinar ‘How to use assessment center for hiring, promotion and development’ on Tuesday Aug 25th 2020, 4pm-4:45pm 


Please click the link to register:


You can also scan the QR code to join us:

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Ruddy Swinnen
Founding Partner - Wise Wings

Ruddy is a Business Psychologist and Leadership professional with over 20 years experience in Talent Assessment, Leadership and Organisation Development. He is the Founding Partner of Wise Wings consultancy. He developed Wise Assessment Center and Leadership Development methodology.


Who should attend

Corporate and Human Resources Managers who are involved in the assessment of people:

General Manager, Senior Level Managers, Head of the Departments

HRBP, HR Directors, HR Managers, L&D Managers

Professionals who are interested in Assessment and Career Development

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