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Past Events

Wise Wings convenes leaders to share knowledge and experience that inspire people to feel empowered. Take a look at our recent events to find topics of strong interest to you. 

Past Event

2023 Sino-Benelux Career Fair

On Saturday, October 28th, the Wise Wings team was invited to join the 2023 Sino-Benelux Career Fair organized by the Benelux Chamber of Commerce at the new AIA Financial Center in the North Bund of Shanghai. Thanks to the dedication of the BenCham, more than 20 companies and over 100 professionals participated in the event.


Our founder, Mr. Swinnen, founding partner Ms. Sun, and consultant Ms. Huang, were proud to present Wise Wings as a leading team providing services for companies and organizations. 

As a multicultural team of experts with over 25 years of successful experience working with business leaders and HR managers, our team is dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions to address each organization’s unique needs in achieving higher and better performance. We greatly appreciate this wonderful opportunity to connect with many amazing companies and HR managers.


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Past Event

The Psychology of Fraud - "Nature" or "Nurture"?
Breakfast Seminar with Wise Wings & Grant Thornton

On Wednesday 28th April 2021, we hosted a seminar "The Psychology of Fraud” – Is Nature or Nature responsible for Fraud and White-Collar Crimes? It was fantastic to see that 55 dedicated executives joined our seminar with lots of learning, interesting Q&A and fun!

Our Founder, Ruddy Swinnen, explained how Nature and Nurture is involved in Fraud and White-Collar Crimes. What is the Fraud triangle: the Pressure, the Opportunities and the Rationalization that Fraudsters come across. Which are the Top 4 Personality Traits that make people commit Fraud. Ruddy also zoomed in on how to avoid hiring these people, and how to detect them when they are already in your company. Finally, Ruddy advised about how to unmask and handle these individuals within your organisation.

Any questions or want more information on selection & assessment and prevention & prediction of Fraudsters,

please feel free to reach out:

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 (8:30 - 10:30am)
Address: 45F Raffles City, 268 Xizang Zhong Road, HuangPu District

Past Event

Wise Wings won the Best Team Award 2019
Best of BenCham Awards Ceremony

We are very honored to have received the Da Wo Best Team Award 2019 from the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. The Da Wo Best Team Award is focused on outstanding achievement in creating a link with China and the Chinese business community via intercultural synergy.


There was an intense competition between Da Wo Best Team Award finalists this year! With 37% of the total votes, We became the Da Wo Best Team Award Winner 2019.


We would like to express our gratitude to all our friends who voted for us online and at the Awards Ceremony, we truly feel blessed with all your support. This achievement would not have been possible without you! 


The 8th edition of the Best of BenCham Award Ceremony was joined by distinguished guests from Belgium and The Netherlands, Luxembourg Consulates General in Shanghai, and the representatives from leading Benelux Companies. A special guest, HRH Princess Astrid, representative of King Philippe of Belgium, was also present at the event.


Thursday, November 21, 2019 (6 PM - 11 PM)
Address: Hyatt on the Bund Hotel, Huangpu Road No 199

Past Event

Best Of BenCham
Awards Ceremony 2018

Thriving to build up successful business entities in China, companies from Belgium, the Netherland and Luxembourg have pull up in the past 12 months all their strengths, energy and passion in reaching momentum while navigating this incredible competitive China environment.


Wise Wings was invited as the leading official trainer for the 10 running nominees.  It was a great pleasure to be at the Hyatt on the Bund for the Best of BenCham. A night about celebrating the achievements of the Benelux Community. We were glad to see that our trainees Ridder win the DaWo Best Team Award and Pierre Marcolini win the KBC Best Company Award!


Thursday, November 22, 2018 (6 PM - 11 PM)
Address: Hyatt on the Bund Hote, Huangpu Road No 199

Past Event

Organisational Development Workshop

We successfully organized an OD workshop "Build an Agile Organisation" on Nov 30 - Dec 1. The two-day program was attended by participants from several countries representing different industries. During this 2-day workshop, OD practitioner Mohan Raman, Ph.D. presented on main topics that are important to OD professionals and organisations now and in the future.


This workshop featured cases of developing and designing OD interventions, embedding cultural change, and overcoming the key barriers to successful transformation. Practitioners shared their experience and expertise, left with clarified purpose and intent, more open to difference, made connections between all aspects of the two-day programme and how it would link to their own organisations.


Nov 30th - Dec 1st, 2018  (2-days Program)

Address: Regal International Hotel, Shanghai

Wise Wings partnered with BenCham, designed and delivered a 2-days training to companies to help them achieve and enhance their future performance in branding efficiently themselves, their storytelling and their interaction with their business partners, to achieve better results in 2019 and beyond….


This training has been specifically designed for a very specific Target Group: Professionals of all levels who want to communicate and present better with their team, clients or suppliers.

Past Event

2-Days Training for the Best Of BenCham

What they did: A 2 day Training:

Nominees learned how to: “Brand yourself, Inspire and Get Results!” In practice, Branding Yourself, Being an Efficient Communicator and Becoming an Expert Influencer Getting Results!

The powerful workshop includes interactive skills practice and participants’ sharing to create an engaging training where the skills can be applied anywhere in life. At the end of the training, participants will be better equipped to manage their brand delivery and influence their audience.

Past Event

Get Your Career Coaching 

Our founder, Mr. Ruddy Swinnen led a workshop on career path on Friday, June 6. During the workshop, Ruddy listened to the audience’s evaluations on their current status and the expectation towards future development, and shared his own experience as an example to guide the audience how to clarify their goals and values. It empowered participants to find their own strengths and set their development objectives.

Through this event, the audience obtained a more accurate analysis about their working status and a better understanding of how to set their career goals, how to make smart decisions and how to find their own path to success.

July 6, 2018 19:00-21:00

 7th Floor, No. 755 Weihai Road, Shanghai

Past Event​​

Wise Wings Participated in The International Society for Organization Development and Change (ISODC) 

On Friday, June 29 - 30, 2018, The International Society for Organization Development and Change (ISODC) gathered in Beijing. We are very pleased to be a part of the 1st conference in China. Our founder, Mr. Ruddy Swinnen contributed as a member in the panel discussion on organisational development (OD) issues of the participating companies in the conference. Executive-level leaders addressed a number of issues from their companies or firms to  get advice from the OD experts.

We are together with top leaders, scholars, practitioners, and thinkers from around the world to:

• Collaborate - catalyze individual, organizational and societal growth
• Innovate - advance research, education, and advocacy
• Transform - guide change that matters in our organisations and world 


June 29 - 30, 2018

Shangri-La China World Summit Wing, Beijing

Past Event​​

Wise Leadership for Effective Decisions
Decision-making is one of the key responsibilities for leaders. However, the practice shows that most decisions are not adapted to changing situations. Wise leaders stand out with effective decision making. How do you make decisions? Based on your knowledge, experiences, beliefs, values or intuition? Join us for effective decision-making and excellent strategic problems solving techniques and methodologies.

May 31, 2018, 19:00 - 21:00

Past Event

Wise Leadership in Digital Age

What does "digitalization" mean to you? How do you define wise leadership? For most executives, digital is not only about technology, but also represents an entirely new way of leading business and managing organizations. Today, companies need a different kind of leader: a "wise leader", who is competent to engage people, build teams, drive innovation, continuous improvement and lead the business, in the digital environment. 

April 11, 2018, 19:00 - 21:00

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