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Your future career is waiting. 
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1:1 Virtual Career Coaching to Help You Find Your Ideal Career Path & Professional Fulfillment.

We are a multicultural team of coaches, consultants, and counselors dedicated to fostering the growth and development of both young professionals and college students in the global job market. We strive to engage, coach, and empower by providing high-quality career coaching services in Career Planning and Preparation, Job Search in China, and Intercultural Adaptation. 


We understand the role your career choice plays in your overall happiness. We aim to assist you in a smooth transition to a career-ready professional.


Our Career Coaches Make All the Difference!

High Quality

Our Career Coaches have a wide variety of professional backgrounds and expertise specific to certain industries, including Management Consulting, Talent Selection and assessment, Recruitment, Talent and Leadership Coaching, Psychology, and Intercultural Integration. 

Coaches will assist you in discovering career possibilities, gain experience through internships and job search, and empower you to turn your strengths and interests into a meaningful career path.

Over the past three years, we have coached 2000+ graduates, international students, and young professionals on job search and career development.


Flexibility & Efficiency

1:1 Virtual communication makes meetings easy, eliminating the need for the clients to commute. 

irtual Coaching is fast, flexible, and efficient.  It’s about whatever suits you, your role, and your lifestyle best. You can talk with us whenever it's convenient.

To get even better, nothing else comes close to 1:1 attention. Our career coaching sessions are designed around individual needs and goals.


We’ll give you insight on what most companies are looking for in a candidate, what 'the right fit' means, and how to progress through each round of interviews, which is the key to getting hired.

We offer the following support through your career search journey:

Career Exploration

  • Self Exploration

  • Career Assessment

  • Career Interest Profile

  • Career Pathways

  • Career Opportunities 

  • Target Company List

  • Job Market Navigation


Job/Internship Search

  • Job and Internship Strategy

  • Résumé, Cover Letter

  • Interview Preparation 

  • Mock Interviews

  • Networking & Socializing

  • Job Offer/Salary Negotiation

  • Work/Life Balance


Intercultural Adaptation

  • Integration Needs Assessment

  • Self Awareness

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Cultural Values Understanding

  • Cultural Differences Adaptation

  • Connection Building

  • Wellbeing


Career Coaching with Job Search, Intercultural Adaptation and Personal Wellbeing

Who We Coach

  • International Students

  • Chinese New Graduates

  • Young Professionals

How We Coach

  • 1:1 Virtual Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Workshops & Facilitations

"Career Coaching Can Help Professionals Navigate an Increasingly Complex and Evolving Labor Market."

-- 2021 Executive Leadership Survey

Erica Sun
Career Coach
Talent Ass
essment Assessor

  • 8+ years work experience in HR industry. Specialized in Career Coaching, Talent Assessment and Professional Development.

  • Coached 1000+ Chinese and international students with job/internship search in China.

    Specialized in:

  • Job/Internship Search

  • Career Exploration

  • Resume Development

  • Interview Preparation

  • Mock Interviews

  • Personality, Work Style, Values 

  • Competencies and Skills

  • Offer Evaluation


Yi Huang
Career Coach
ural Adaptation Specialist

  • 4+ years of experience in Coaching and Counseling with multicultural populations in both China and the United States. 

  • 6+ years of overseas cross-cultural educational experience in both the United States and France. 

    Specialized in:

  • Self Awareness

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Integration Needs Assessment

  • Cultural Differences Adaptation

  • Connection Building

  • Personal Well-being

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Career Exploration


Ruddy Swinnen
Senior Career Coach
​Executive Coach

  • 25 years international experience in Coaching, Talent Assessment  & Development and Intercultural Management.

  • 18 years experience in developing 1000+ young and senior professionals in China and APAC.

     Specialized in:

  • Job Search

  • Career Exploration & Planning

  • Target Market & Companies

  • Networking Strategy

  • Interview Coaching & Training

  • Group Interview Coaching

  • Career Assessment & Development

  • Salary/Offer Negotiation

Our Coaching Team

Get ready for your Job or Career! 

Testimonials from Clients

"I have attended four career coaching sessions with the Wise Wings Coaching team, including resume revision and interview coaching, all with satisfactory results. Ruddy and Erica have been accommodating in their expertise and they are pleasant to work with. Both are experienced and patient. Each session went by quickly and they answered all my questions. I sincerely hope that more people who are confused about career planning can get professional advice from here and succeed in their careers."

Gary Zhou
Master of Science - Quantitative Finance

"I sincerely appreciate the career coaching assistance from Ruddy and Erica from Wise Wings Coaching Team. In the group interview discussion, I understood the strategies I should take to better present myself in a competitive situation. Erica is very experienced in resume review. Her suggestions are so detailed and useful that I can comprehensively present my capabilities in different bullet points. Ruddy and Erica are so kind and patient, I am thankful for their support."

Paul Chen
Master of Finance - Wealth Asset Management

"I had my first career coaching session with Wise Team, and my appointment was with Erica. This coaching session was very satisfying and thought-provoking, and I learned a lot. Erica helped me review my resume and gave me many helpful advice and suggestions. I am really glad and appreciate that I could have this conversation with Erica, and I will definitely keep making coaching session appointments with her."

Lydia Yao
Master in Financial Technology


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