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Winning the Merger & Acquisition Battle

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Integrate or Reorganise your Human Capital


A major challenge for the acquiring or reorganising company is deciding who to retain, redeploy and terminate, as well as effectively managing those processes. Integrating or reorganising key personnel may be necessary! We support HR and management teams in assessing the skills, capabilities, potential and motivations of key employees and the integration of the workforce and restructuring of the organisation.

  • Leadership & Management Potential Determination & Placement

  • Workforce Adaptation & Integration

  • HR Auditing & Advice

Case study below.

Case: M&A Sino-foreign Production Company


Merger & Acquisition

A European MNC acquired a Chinese production company in China, with 2000 employees;


Human Capital integration Assignment

Ruddy Swinnen was assigned for the Workforce Adaptation Project by the CEO, to define the assessment processes, with which employees would be restructured to operate efficiently, and matching the new standards and operative methods;



Wise Wings team of 12 professionals assessed 2000 employees, defined the skills & competency level and advised for the whole integration and placement of the workforce;



The whole project took 6 months, and reached the target effectively;



The workforce, managers and leaders successfully integrated to launch the newly build factory for the fresh Sino-foreign production company, with the reorganised business operations in the newly build facility.

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