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Proactive People Flow Intervention

On Thursday, Dec 14, Wise Wings founder Ruddy Swinnen, alongside lawyer Grace Shen and recruitment expert Dong Ai, held an insightful event on Proactive People Flow Intervention.

This engaging sharing attracted many business leaders and HR managers, making it a resounding success.

Ruddy shared comprehensive methodology on evaluating, measuring, and predicting the performance of candidates, employees, managers and leaders in key positions through Assessment Centers. His insights provide valuable guidance for processes related to hiring, promotion, and professional development.

Grace provided strategic De-risking strategies, covering thorough reference checks, strategic employee contracting, and maintaining a balanced incentive structure with non-compete clauses.

Dong shared expertise in navigating hierarchical and horizontal growth, underscoring the importance of career counseling for a seamless employment journey.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all participants for the positive feedback received from the event. 

Looking forward to reconnecting with you at our upcoming events!


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