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Wise Wings joined Baoshan District Technology Conference at CIIE

On November 7, 2023, Baoshan District held the Shanghai Baoshan District Technology Conference at the 6th CIIE at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference theme was "Striving for the Transformation of Baoshan North and Gathering Science and Technology Innovation." Over 70 participants, including the Party Secretary of Dachang Town, the President of the European and American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry in China, joined the event.

Wise Wings was invited to this conference. Our founder, Ruddy Swinnen, gave a speech and shared the talent trend in the technology industry in China and how to attract, select, and retain great talents. The technology talent demand is estimated to be 300% higher than the supply in 2030. Especially AI technology will have a shortage of 4 million talents in 2030 (Ref.: McKinsey & Company Graphic I).

In today’s uncertain times, an effective talent management strategy that combines accurate talent selection with talent/leadership development is important for the competitive advantage of organizations. Organizations with strong leadership and workforce can respond and adapt to the challenges and opportunities. The top three development methods for AI technology are: Offline & Virtual Workshops, Coaching by managers & experts, and Online courses by the company. (Ref.: McKinsey&Company Graphic II)

Wise Wings is a multicultural team of foreign and local consultants, assessors, and psychologists. With 25 years of international and multicultural experience and 18 years of business practice in China, we specialize, customize, and provide talent assessment, selection, and development solutions for our clients.

We have specialized in Assessment Centers for over 25 years, providing the following solutions for organizations:

• Talent Assessment and Development

• Leadership Assessment and Development

• Development Solutions: Organizing Training, Workshops & Coaching

Talent and leadership are the central focus of our solutions. Based on your organization's actual situation and needs, we flexibly customize solutions that align with your talent strategy to support you with optimizing the recruitment, selection, and training of talents and enhance the organization's competitiveness.


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