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Winning Competition Through Effective Communication

Thriving to build up successful business entities in China, companies from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have pulled up in the past 12 months all their strengths, energy and passion in reaching momentum while navigating this incredible competitive Chinese environment.

The time has come to recognize their outstanding performances and achievements! The Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai is launching its 7th Edition of the 'Best of Bencham'.

Two Awards - 10 running finalists:

· Best Company Award

(Presented by KBC)

· Best Team Award

(Presented by DaWo)

Location: Hyatt on the Bund

Date: November 22nd, 2018

Amazing Time for Amazing

People & Companies

Wise Wings has been invited as the Leading and 1st official Trainer for the 10 running nominees. They will join in a 2 Day unforgettable personal and business branding journey.

When they will do:

A 2-day Training

Nominees will learn how to: “Brand yourself, Inspire and Get Results!” In practice, Branding Yourself, Being an Efficient Communicator and Becoming an Expert Influencer Getting Results!

What they will learn

  • Strategically rethink your branding

  • Methods to more effectively build professional credibility

  • Learn efficient communication skills used daily by presenters/public speakers

  • Make a strong presence in front of an audience

  • Build and Deliver your message

  • Learn from other presentations and readjust yours.

  • Influence to get results