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HOW TO: Build an AGILE Organisation

Ever since the industrial revolution and today fast pace technology advancements which progresses are witnessed every single day, successful leaders have been very skilled at reinventing companies and individuals. The spikes in ambitious plans to reorganize doubtless reflect the various economic cycles and environments we are living in.

Changes - when conducted efficiently - within an organisation structure can seem like an effective way of shaking up the entire operation and unlocking better performance much faster. The organisations that work best today don’t just reshuffle, rather they tend to improve a company’s ability to handle its most important decisions. They enable people in the organisation to make better decision, to be ready for taking up the leap towards a brighter future. They speed up the decision making process and tend to increase the proportion of decisions that are executed effectively.

It is never easy, though the journey is but one that bring rewards. The Chinese marketplace is one of many challenges today: Easy times to improve the bottom lines and bring tangible double digits results are long gone. The reshaping of the local and national economy is creating at the same time tremendous opportunities for one who can reinvent its own organisation and navigate successfully the waters. Fierce competition is battled with new tools, and new solutions are emerging to reshape the organisation, helping it to move past those challenges and be successful.

It is no more the work of solely the CEO as at every step, teams need to get involved, playing an increasingly higher role in the pursuit of success.

Passions, communication and leadership are being redefined.

How to thrive in our field and be a leading force in what we do best: When you start to think about it, an organisation’s performance is really no more and no less than the sum of the decisions it makes and execute. How - most importantly - do we convey this passion of greater achievements to our teams and leadership in the enterprises we evolve in? Getting the correct tools, the adequate data, help us redefine our objectives and make us able to grab new business opportunities. Our way forwards depends on it!

And this is where developing strategic directions become an increasing necessity in our working and challenging environment and where very effective tools at our disposal a sine qua none need.

Organisation Development - commonly known as O.D. - is but one such powerful tool, increasingly popular today among top leaders. It enables us to not only grasp clearly from every department our current situation, but at the same time enable each of us to take concrete and challenging decisions for the enterprise we devote our life to.

The economy and the rapidly changing global environment often force you to make changes within your organisation. O.D. in itself is a practice to help companies build the capacity to facilitate the organisational change that businesses need to get ready for NOW and for the FUTURE. While changes are inevitable, O.D. has been proven most effective in entities embracing it today.