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At our recent event on Dec 13th, in collaboration with the Benelux Chamber of Commerce China, career coaches Erica Sun and Yi Huang from Wise Wings addressed the current employment challenges, guiding around 35 international and Chinese students, and young professionals on building a career path in China and abroad. 

With the youth unemployment rate at an unprecedented 21.3%, the event emphasized the importance of strategic preparation amid limited job opportunities. Recognizing the obstacles like lack of experience, scarce vacancies, and deficient job search skills, the coaches highlighted the demand for specific career coaching support. 

Erica and Yi provided insights into a proactive career exploration and planning process, offering participants the 4 stages of a fulfilling job search and career: Discover, Develop, Design, and Deliver. 

During the event, participants engaged in a survey to assess their current position in the job search process, gaining valuable insights for better preparation in the competitive job market. 

For those seeking further guidance, detailed information and connections with career coaches are available at

Additionally, senior professionals can connect with senior career coach Ruddy Swinnen at 

We look forward to connecting with you! 


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