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Corporate Restructuring

Stories and Lessons of Change

Breakfast Seminar, 08:00 - 10:00

Corporate Restructuring
Stories and Lessons of Change

Wednesday, Oct 30th - 2019

Breakfast Seminar, 08:00 - 10:00
Four Seasons Hotel, Shanghai


Restructuring our corporate entity is often a necessity when the original structure can no longer efficiently manage the output and the general interest of the grown company.

It may be implemented due to a number of different factors: change in company’s ownership, driving a competitive positioning, survive a currently adverse economic climate, overhead personnel, lack of integration between the divisions, or push the corporation to move in an entirely new direction.

Corporate restructuring is becoming inevitable. Make it a strategic success from business plan into the real practice. Through the Stories and Lessons of Change, you will be challenged.

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Keynote Speakers


JC Gaffier - Cofounder - CorpoRank

Workplace Improvement - A Tool to Get Satisfaction

Only 13% of employees are enthusiastic about their work.

Worldwide clients satisfaction varies between 50% to 90%. 

Discover your improvements…


Ruddy Swinnen - Founding Partner - Wise Wings

Effective Leadership in Restructuring - As 70% of Change is Failing!

Organisations succeed when leaders change first, the people will follow.

What triggers teams to make the change and perform differently?

How to Change Mindset and Behaviour and create success.


Maggie JiaPartner - Da Wo Law Firm

Build employees engagement during and after a restructuring

Successful cases related to restructuring and reorganization. 

Reactions and outcome of the employees in these cases will be analyzed.

Tips for handling employee related matters during restructuring and reorganization.


Philippe Snel - Managing Director - Da Wo Law Firm

The underestimated value of legal tools during reorganization

No need to resist the restructuring and reorganization.

Laws and regulations are the most powerful to ease tense and minimize differences. 

How to assess and use this powerful tool from management perspective.


Who should attend

C-Suite: CEO, COO, CFO, VP 

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs 

Senior Level Managers, Head of the Departments

HRBP, Directors, Managers

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