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Prime Search - Attract the Right Leaders

Executive Search


The need to choose the top quality talent is more critical now than ever before. Working in partnership with you, WISE WINGS takes on all or part of the recruitment process, searching qualified candidates through our professional networks and targeted outreach, and managing them all the way through the process. 


We combine global best practice and networks with local knowledge, invaluable insights on talent and our approach to achieve your goals.

We focus on matching passionate, mission-driven professionals with organizations where they can thrive. Our proven recruiting methodology, and extensive leadership search process allow us to find the perfect match for any position across your enterprise. From screening resumes to phone interviews to end-to-end recruitment, we help to attract quality talent your organization needs most. 

WISE WINGS understands that each client has unique needs, and will discuss with you the best solution from a selection of services, to pick and mix depending on your specific needs and your internal resources.

Our Prime Search services Includes:

  • Consulting and research services including assistance writing an effective job description, to attract your senior leadership positions.

  • Advice on recruitment strategy that enables your organization to be self-sufficient in the recruiting and hiring of new talent. 

  • Reaching out to candidates in the team's professional network.

  • Headhunting through fresh research.

  • Candidate review and recommendation.

  • Interview services or attendance support.

  • Reference request support.

Through consultations with the client, We have developed a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the position to be filled and the culture of the client.  Each potential candidate undergoes an extensive interviewing process and qualification assessment prior to being introduced to the client.

Attraction is about marketing

Successful senior-level executives are limited in supply and increasingly in demand. We understand how critically important each step of the process is in building and maintaining your brand through conversations and information we share with candidates.

Backed by Research

We conduct targeted research into companies and sectors to find those with relevant skill-sets and qualifications. Over the years, we have cultivated extensive knowledge of and relationships with board directors and senior executives across industries and functions.

Leveraging Our Assessments Expertise

Complementing the art of executive search service is the science of our assessment services. Our search consultants leverage on the expertise of accredited assessment consultants to offer clients a wide array of relevant and valid tools that support the selection process. Feedback is provided in a pragmatic manner to help you deepen understanding and support a more robust interview.

How We Do It: 




Wise Wings works with a wide range of highly qualified, seasoned coaches, Talent Management Consultants, Leadership Development trainers, professors, and diversity and engagement experts, enabling us to scale up rapidly and seamlessly to meet a broad spectrum of clients’ needs.

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